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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - Legendary Pokemon Battle Music (Fanmade) Скачать торрент

Автор: giancarloparimango11

Продолжительность: 02:18

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Рейтинг торрента: 4.723179

Количество скачиваний: 461375

Описания A Wild Legendary Pokemon Appeared! More X and Y: Скачать Торрент Credits: ShAdOxViRuS (Composer)

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Комментарии к видео - Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - Legendary Pokemon Battle Music (Fanmade):

Carter Ajamie
Dude this is awesome! Can i use it in my fan game please?

Fa rix

i wish you had this misic for a legendary kanto pokemon

Amy Jeon
It looks like the body of Reshiram and Zekerom a little... 0:10 and 0:39Hey thats what I notice

Lord misticalbeast
fake but awesome

King Punflute
This fits Gen 4 better

Buddy CP
Was this music and Pokemon made by you?

1. Turxic Type: Rock/Poison Ability: Cleanse/Pollute - changes to water type from poison before using a water-type move and vice-versa. Sludge Wave Protect Muddy Water Power Gem 2. Fangthor Type: Steel/Electric Ability: Induction - empowers electric type moves if using a steel type move beforehand. Iron Head Metal Claw Bolt Strike Thunder Fang 3. Faegon Type: Fairy/Dragon Ability: Purity - reduces the damage from fairy-type moves by half. Moonblast Dragon Rush Safeguard Dragon Dance 4. Eaglare Type: Fire/Flying Ability: Ignite - badly burns the foe on physical contact. If already burned, the foe's physical damage is reduced by half (after normally applied reduced physical damage due to a burn). Flare Blitz Oblivion Wing Sacred Fire Will-O-Wisp Btw, well done on the music! This should be implemented for all legendary encounters (aside from the current ones) that are going to come out in the real game.

Nicholas Lee
for music against a legendary pokemon

April Arnold
4th one is my favo